My Music

I've had the pleasure of working together with the Subway Jazz Orchestra who commissioned me an original composition "The Way Of The Sub". It features Heiko Bidmon on the Bariton Saxophone

 I had the honour of arranging the music of Julius Eastman for the 10th edition of the Weekend Festival in Cologne. This is our live recording of "Stay On It", performed by me on the flute together with the amazing band of the "Julius Eastman Project"!

This is an original composition of mine called "Tritone Airlines" played with a 12-tet. It's a live recording from the Artheater, at the Jazz Against The Machine festival.

And here's an original big band arrangement "Cloudy NIghts" of mine, recorded in Cologne. It features Janning Trumann on trombone.

This is another video from a live performance with my band "Tritone Airlines". It's an arrangement of a tune called "Hey You",  originally composed by the band's leadsinger Gina Corti.

Tritone Airlines - JATM 2019 - Sara Bahadori 11
Tritone Airlines - JATM 2019 - Sara Bahadori 17
Tritone Airlines - JATM 2019 - Sara Bahadori 07