Mingus Project

The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

The Mingus Project is band organized and lead by Jorik Bergman, performing "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady", a 40 minute suite by Charles Mingus. They debuted their program at the 11th edition of the Weekend Festival in Cologne.


Photo by Niclas Weber 

Conducting: Jorik Bergman

Bass: Reza Askari

Alto sax: Tobi Zuri Haug

Tenor sax: Marc Doffey

Baritone sax: Kira Linn

Trumpet: Matthias Schwengler


Trumpet: Heidi Bayer

Trombone: Phillip Schittek

Contrabasstrb: Els Verbruggen

Piano: Rainer Böhm

Classical Guitar: Adriana Rolão

Drums: Fabian Arends


Jorik Bergman Trio

The Jorik Bergman Trio is a jazz trio started by Jorik Bergman in Cologne. The band focuses on interweaving free improvisation and written out compositions in a fluid and seamless fashion. 

Flute, Composition: Jorik Bergman

Piano: Simon Below

Double Bass: Victor Gelling

Photo by Anna Ibelshäuser

Julius Eastman Project

The Julius Eastman Project is a band organized and lead by Jorik Bergman. They perform the music of classical minimal composer, Julius Eastman. With their ensemble, mostly comprimed of jazz musicians, they put their own unique spin on his music, while still paying respect and homage to his legacy.

Flute, Arrangement: Jorik Bergman

Alto Saxophone: Johanna Klein

Alto Saxophone: Luise Volkmann

Oboe: Maripepa Contreras

Trombone: Carla Köllner

Piano: Chae Yeon Lee

Vibraphone: Minhye Ko

Drums: Mareike Wiening

Photo by Niclas Weber