I am a professional jazz flutist, composer, arranger and bandleader living in Cologne, Germany. I have my own jazz trio, called the "Jorik Bergman Trio". And I'm currently working on various large ensemble projects, such as a small 2024 tour with my own big band, playing concerts with my octet, honoring the classical minimal "organic" music of Julius Eastman called the "Julius Eastman Project" and my "Mingus Project", where we're playing Charles Mingus' 40 minute jazz suite called "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady". As a musician I of course try to challenge myself artistically as a composer and as a flute player, but also as a bandleader. With every project I try to aim higher, looking for ways to make my music and ensembles more diverse, interactive, interdisciplinary, creative and out of the box, all the while trying to still keep the musicians, myself and the audience happy. 

 I have been making music from a young age, and quickly learned that I really like It. Starting out on the piccolo in a local marching band I learned to play the flute quickly after. At the age of 19, I applied at the conservatory of Maastricht for composing and arranging. After studying there for a while I decided in my third year to go on an Erasmus exchange to Cologne, where I fell in love with the German jazz scene. In the summer of 2020 I graduated in Maastricht sum cum laude with a distinction "for rich and mature harmonic and motivic treatment". After that I quickly moved back to Cologne to follow a masters degree in composition and arranging with Florian Ross at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, which I finished in 2023 with a 1.0. 


Photo by Anna Ibelshäuser

Photo by Marcel Geitmann

In the course of the last few years I have written arrangements for the Subway Jazz Orchestra, the Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the JugendJazzOrchester (JJO) NRW, the Klara Schumann Bigband, UniBigBand Freiburg, the BundesJazzOrchester, l’Orchestre des Jeunes de l’Orchestre National de Jazz and multiple big band constellations that I have organized myself.

I have won 1st prize at the 2022 Composition Competition, Das Zerbliche Paradies, from the JJO NRW, and I've won the 2021 Composition Competition, European Composers, from the Subway Jazz Orchestra, the 2022 Composition Competition, Future Music, from the BundesJazzOrchester and the ACADÉMIE DE COMPOSITION JAZZ 2023 by the ONJ (Orchestre National de Jazz) in Paris. As a flute player I have played with internationally known artists such as Joyce Moreno, Pablo Held, Natalie Greffel and Gianni Brezzo. And I've played at well-known festivals such as the Weekend Festival, the Summerklaeng, the Nijmegen International Music Meeting Festival and the renowned North Sea Jazz festival.

Photo by Anna Ibelhäuser

Photo by Gerard Richter


March 2024

I'll be going on tour with my big band! "Jorik Bergman and her large, imaginary big band constellation will be playing all over Nord Rhein Westfalen. Come check us out, more info below!

March 2024

On the 4th of May, at 21:00 o clock we'll be opening our tour with a very special concert at the Kölner Philharmonie as part of the "Acht Brücken Festival". And even better: entrance is free! 

March 2024

The second concert of our tour will take place on the 8th of May, as we'll be playing at the "Loch" in Wuppertal. We'll be kicking off at 20:00! 

March 2024

And last but not least we'll be playing at the Jazzschmiede in Düsseldorf on the 11th of May. Also starting at 20:00 o clock. 

October 2023

New release! We just dropped a new single with my big band "Jorik Bergman and her large, contemporary big band constellation"! It's called "Until the real thing comes along" and we recorded it live last May at our concert at Stadtgarten in Cologne. Check it out on Bandcamp!